Frequently Asked Questions



What is the AID:Tech Transparency Engine?

AID:Tech’s Transparency Engine is powered by blockchain technology. On the platform users can directly send, receive and manage digital entitlements such as remittances, welfare, healthcare, donations and aid.

Every time a payment is made or spent, regardless of the type of digital entitlement, transactional information is collected and used to build unique personalised transaction history. When your payment has been spent by a recipient, you'd receive a real-time notification -detailing exactly how, when and where this took place.

Why transparency

Every year, 30% of ODA is lost to fraud and corruption. Governments, NGOs and private organisations are facing mounting pressure to demonstrate impact and accountability. But very often we don’t know where and how resources, including money, are being distributed, whether it is remittance, welfare, healthcare, donations or aid. There are many offerings that promote marginal efficiency gains or to promote impact measurement, but none of which are addressing the roots of this problem.

Using blockchain technology, AID:Tech’s Transparency Engine offers trust by transparency.

The platform connects users, via organisations using digital identity, on top of which transactions and payments are permanently and visibly recorded on the blockchain. This means that users - senders or recipients, stay informed of exactly how, where and when money and resources are being spent.

How do I start?

Register using an email address, mobile number and password. For more information, visit the guides.

What about fees

Fees are clearly displayed before any transaction is confirmed.

How do I use blockchain?

No fear, just because the platform is powered by blockchain technology does not mean you have to crack open any old (or never was) programming skills. The Transparency Engine is built with you, our users, in mind. Processes resemble your everyday online experience. You simply login, browse and checkout.

If the Transparency Engine platform is powered by blockchain technology, do I have to use cryptocurrency or tokens?

No. The platform does not involve any cryptocurrency at all. The platform check out process is integrated with Stripe - a global online payment processor. This means that you can check out using any standard credit/debit card, including American Express.

I would like to explore opportunities with the Transparency Engine platform. Where can I learn more?

The Transparency Engine platform is developed by AID:Tech. Contact us here to learn more.