Merchant Guide

Become a merchant partner on AID:Tech's Transparency Engine platform and be part of the blockchain-enabled distribution channels.


How do I become a merchant?

Register online –

When you register, you will be asked to verify your email address. Click on the link in the verification email, or cut and paste it into your browser, and you will be shown a page confirming when your registration is complete and verified.

At your first login, you'll also be asked to provide additional information and/or documentation to complete the full verification process. The verification process may vary in duration, please await an ‘account verification’ email before accepting sales.

Merchant Register.jpg

Register in-person –

Registration in-person is where administrators assign you with a digital ID by completing the process on your behalf.

 To register in person, you will be required to provide contact information and in some cases support documentation. If this is case, you will be notified ahead of time. An in-person registration does not require further verification. With an account you can immediately begin to accept sales.

 However, to be able to accept sales online, view balances and request settlement, you require an online account. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email sent to your after the in-person registration process to complete the process.

What can I sell?

You can manage what is available in your store by going to 'Assets' after logging in. This section displays a list of goods and services already verified by your partner organisation. Based on the availability of each asset in your store, you can select what is available by checking/unchecking. 

Merchant - Manage Assets.jpg

Why do I need to register and verify?

You must be registered and verified in order to accept sales and request settlement. Verification means that your store becomes available to users who will be purchasing goods and services from you.  

With a Transparency Engine account, every sale you make will produce a transaction record on the blockchain. These records will build a dashboard from which you can make  settlement requests.

How do I accept payments?

Users can either purchase your goods and services online or in-store. Read more about accepting sales here.

Online –

Sales online are when users make an online purchase in their own time. You, as merchant, are not required to do anything except to deliver the goods/services to users once payment has been accepted.

In-store –

Users can visit your store to purchase goods and services in person. Click 'Accept Payment' and scan the user’s ID to complete check out.

Merchant - Accept Payment.jpg

How do I make a settlement request?

You will have a prior agreement with UNDP Serbia in place that details the method and frequency of settlement. Read more about reporting and settlement here. For information on your agreement, please contact UNDP Serbia directly.

I did not receive my verification email/SMS.

For email verification, make sure you are connected to the internet. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. You can also do a search for emails from Lastly, please make sure you are checking the same email account as the one used for registration.

For SMS verification, please make sure you are connected to your data/wireless service. Please check that that communication is not restricted by VPN or firewall. Lastly, please check that you have entered the correct country code and phone number at registration.

How do I manage my privacy?

Once you have logged in, click on your avatar image and select 'My Settings'. The 'Privacy' tab will display a range of options including what information about your store is publicly displayed. You can also manage your communications preference, such as how you would be contacted - by phone, email or text message.

What about multi-factor authentication?

AID:Tech's Transparency Engine platform offers the option of multi-factor authentication. By visiting 'My Settings', 'MFA Settings' offers a choice of verification methods; SMS verification or to use Google Authenticator. Enable your choice of MFA by sliding the switcher and follow the instructions. Once your MFA settings is updated, you will be asked to enter the respective code at your next login. 

How do I update my phone number on my account?

You can update your phone number by visiting ‘My Settings’ after signing into your account.

I still need to contact support, what do I do?

Contact us here.