Reporting & Settlement

A Step by Step Guide


You can view the records of transactions made via the Transparency Engine platform in your account. Select 'Reports' to view transaction history. Different views of sales records can be filtered and searched, eg. by date period.

Reports can be exported as files in csv or pdf format.

Request a settlement

Refer to the prior agreement in place with UNDP Serbia. It will detail the method and frequency of settlement. For information on your agreement, please contact UNDP Serbia directly.

Settlements are made periodically. You can make a request by selecting ‘Make Settlement Request’ under ‘Reports’.  

You can select value and items for settlement based on your available credit balance.

This request will trigger an alert for UNDP Serbia, who will verify your request. Once admin completes settlement they will mark request as ‘Complete’. After marking as complete, admin and your dashboards will update to reflect the change. 

Merchant Dashboard.jpg